Internet of Things(Smart City)

IoT Technician (Smart City) trade under CTS is one of the newly designedcourses. The CTS courses are delivered nationwide through network of ITIs. The course is of one-year duration. It mainly consists of Domain area and Core area. In the Domain area (Trade Theory & Practical) impart professional skills and knowledge, while Core area (Employability Skills) imparts requisite core skill, knowledge and life skills. After passing out the training program, the trainee is awarded National Trade Certificate (NTC) by DGTwhich is recognized worldwide.

The trainees will identify and test various parts of embedded system. They will be able to identify, test and Interconnect components/parts of IOT system. They will learn to identify and select various types of sensors used in Smart City. They will be able to position the appropriate sensors and collect the information required in Smart City. They will identify and select different wireless communication modules and topology to generate and record the data. They will learn to identify and test wireless network component such as Bluetooth module /Wifi Module/GSM Module/GPS Module. The trainees will identify Solar Panel Basic Testing, Characteristics, Charge Controller Circuit. They will perform installation, configuration and check working of IOT devices, network, database, app and web services. They will learn to monitor environmental parameters like Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality, PM2.5, PM10, CO2 etc. They will identify, test and troubleshoot different circuits of Smart street lighting system and its components. They will explore and troubleshoot different circuits used in SMART Parking. They will be able to troubleshoot different circuits used in SMART Traffic. They will learn to apply IoT Application for Water & Waste Management.


                                                                                      Smart City



  • Can join industry as Technician and will progress further as Senior Technician, Supervisor and can rise to the level of Manager.
  • Can become Entrepreneur in the related field.
  • Can join as a technician in different IoT application industries for repair, servicing and installation of IoT devices.
  • Can join Apprenticeship Programme in different types of industries leading to National Apprenticeship certificate (NAC).
  • Can join Crafts Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) in the trade for becoming instructor in ITIs.
  • Can join Advanced Diploma (Vocational) courses under DGT as applicable.


One Year


Level 4



Industry Connect

The individual in this job identifies different Internet of Things applications in smart city& their distinctive advantages like smart environment, smart streetlight and smart water & waste management. Identifies & selects different circuits used in Smart Road & Traffic (Live & Connected roads) to experience quicker, safer and more effective trips. Performs weather monitoring at risky points by Low cost weather station, Pluviometer, Structural Crack monitoring.Uses proximity sensor, IR Sensor etc. and troubleshoots different circuits used in Smart Parking (Connected Parking) for better management of car park availability and traffic in the city to improve citizen’s life. The industry Connect of IoT Smart City trade is under process with Corporation, Thiruvananthapuram.



  Shri. Saju T S, Vocational Instructor


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