Green Initiatives at NSTI(W) Trivandrum

NSTI(W), Trivandrum has decided to implement the green protocol in the campus and taken initiative as part of ensuring the eco-friendly functioning of the institute. Training classes given to the trainees and staffs by Shri.Vasanth Krishnan, Resource Person from Clean Kerala Mission.  The trainees and staff members taken the pledge also. Green protocol is essentially a set of measures which when implemented results in significant reduction of waste. The primary focus is on waste minimization through prevention of use of disposables and using reusable alternatives like glass/stainless cutleries. Now the trainees are maintaining the proper waste management in the institute as well as the hostel. It is in pursuance to maintaining healthy environment for living /learning process.  The campus premises is also maintaining as per the green protocol by the cleaning staffs of the institute.


Set of instructions given  to the trainees as part of the implementation of the Green Protocol. The guidelines are: 

  • Bring food only as per requirement to avoid wastage
  • Food and drinking water should be brought in stainless steel utensils and disposable materials should be avoided
  • Arranged facilities in the campus and the hostel to segregate waste into bio degradable, non-bio degradable and hazardous categories
  • Avoid plastic cups and plates in public functions where food is served. Instead, use utensils that can be washed and reused.
  • Plastic and paper should be cleaned and segregated to be handed over to scrap dealers
  • Store electrical and electronic waste and hand it over periodically to scrap dealers to ensure its proper recycling



                       Green Protocol Implementation Awareness Programme


Planted Trees at NSTI(W) on Environment Day 

Planting tree by Regional Director



Planting tree by Trainees



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