NSTI(W) - Hostel

In NSTI(W) a 50 bedded hostel is there. Ground floor and first floor consists of 16 rooms, 6 baths, 9 toilets. One Guest Room  and  3 bedded Sick room are part of NSTI Hostel

A fully equipped kitchen, Mess hall & Dining Area is in ground floor of hostel . Hostel is under 24 hours security cameras surveillance. For recreational activities of the trainees Gymkhana and Recreation rooms are also provided in the Hostel.

Contact Details

Hostel Officer     : Smt. Brahmeswari, ADT

phone 9972340215

Hostel Warden : Smt. Sheela Das (Contract Staff through Agency)




Contact details

  • Email:
  • Phone : 0471-2418391



  • Total Visitors: 21548012
  • Unique Visitors: 1334590